January 18 – February 18, 2023

Exibited at the Art Gallery (Respublikos str. 3)

„Today we are victims. But we do not want to be victims. Today we have a war raging on. But we did not want that war. Today, Ukraine is being talked about loudly all over the world. We wanted to be heard, but not for that reason. All nations speak the language of the people and the language of culture. It was our wish for Ukraine to be known as a cultural, beautiful and delicious country. Exhibition „Spaces” is about us in the language of visual art.  The exhibition presents artists of different geography and media, showing us as different and at the same time monolithic. During the war, everything changes its context. For example, Pavlo Makov’s graphic letters of the early 2000s, where a Soviet tin soldier attacks the Pentagon or the Fountain of Exhaustion, which last year represented Ukraine in the national pavilion of the Venice Biennale. Or the naive painting of Dmytro Moldovanov with images of people and animals on the verge of conflict, attack, sacrifice. Where there is a brown bear, which is traditionally associated with Russia. The gesture of abstract art of the project „Form“ from Ihor Yanovych is close to the brutal nature of the surrounding events. Andriy Sahaidakovskyy – tortured, murdered on bloody rugs, who calls us to personal harmony and reflection. „Am rande der Welt“ – the end of the earth or the world with the familiar smoke above the horizon. How could this have happened before the war? Where do such coincidences and predictions come from? Did we come up with everything? Or feel it? Or are we just searching for them where we can find it? „Spaces” is about the infinity of creativity, it’s about the strength of spirit, it’s about the strong voice of art at a time when it should be loud. Enjoy! Glory to Ukraine!“ Curator Pavlo Gudimov

Artists: Ihor Yanovych, Dmytro Moldovanov, Pavlo Makov, Andriy Sahaydakovskyy.