2020 09 30 – 10 24

Opening – September 30th at 17:30 o’clock

Exhibited at Art Gallery (Respublikos str. 3, Panevėžys)

Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery invites you to Dominykas Sidorovas’ solo exhibition „Deer’s Forehead”. The exhibition will feature paintings created in 2019 and 2020, including the most recent ones. The main character of the exhibition is the motif of a deer’s forehead, which is repeated in the author’s work and turns into a signature. The last stage of this haunting motif – the painting „Mask of a Deer’s Forehead” – will be presented for the first time in this exhibition.

The main motif of Dominykas Sidorovas’ work is an object. It is an everyday, unimportant, simple, sometimes even boring thing of the environment. By observing for a long time or vice versa, only by glimpsing at an unusual object the author deconstructs, deforms and fragments it. Thus, the painter’s cleansing gaze leaves only a mark that speaks about the ambiguity of our environment. The negative of a circular saw turns into raindrops on the window, the old radio is flying like a flag.

This obsessive marking of things started the “Manifesto of Things” more than a year ago. This is Dominykas Sidorovas’ ongoing project about objects and the narratives of human existence they tell. The exhibition „Deer’s Forehead” is a part of the „Manifesto of Things”. It is about things and the period of several years. They are marked by the sign of the deer’s forehead which contains ambiguity. The fragment of a beast’s forehead turns into an amphora, mask or something else.

This stage slowly began in the author’s metaphorical inner space, the walls of which are still surrounded by a sound-absorbing element. Everything has grown into a colorful mystery play no longer controlled by the conductor. The part ends with a liquid of unclear consistency and unknown origin on the mask. The mask devours everything around. No one complains and they give permission to be grabbed. Then they clap several times thus rejoicing their performance and the symbol shuts it’s mouth.

As the curtains announce the end of the action, with a cup in hand we are walking in circle and looking forward hopefully for the third warning bell.

DOMINYKAS SIDOROVAS (b. 1993) is a painter of the young generation. This year he obtained a master’s degree in painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2016, Dominykas has been actively participating in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, has organized personal exhibitions and participated in the International Art Fair in Vienna. In 2019 the author was awarded the Panevėžys City Municipality Art Scholarship.

Written by:

Marius Vabalas


The exhibition is sponsored by:

Panevėžys City Municipality

Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery



“Vartai” Gallery


Please wear your protective face mask.

Photographs and video footage may be taken during the event.