12 November, 2019 – 14 December
Exhibited at Ceramic Art Pavilion

One smart guy that Lithuanian national color supposed to be the shade of the amber and the honey – as namely these materials were mentioned in the first description of our ancestry Aestiorum gentes by Roman historian Tacitus around 98 AD. Beatričė Kelerienė ceramic artworks are exclusive with it colors of the amber or honey naturally gets into the palette. As the amber ripe its colors of the Pinetree resin for million years in the depth and pressure of the grounds, so Beatričė clay artworks getting their specific shades by firing for tens of tens of hours in volcanic temperatures of burning pine woods.

Presented collection is small but very special, – special shapes, made of special clays that allow fire the artworks in the wood firing kiln Anagama. Ceramic artworks high fired in wooden kiln gains extraordinary beauty and strength. While firing in the temperatures of 1300 Celsius, the water particles in clay purely dries out and makes the ceramic body as hard as stone. In such temperature the wood ashes are melting into the natural glaze and the flames literally draw them onto the body of artwork. The high firing in Anagama lasts for several days and nights and this makes very specific surfaces of ceramic as well as unrepeatable shades that overlays the spectrum of ground and flames.

At 2001 Beatričė Kelerienė started her personal traditional Ceramic studio in Vilnius and participated in practical research of ancient ceramics techniques and technologies. As specific professional interest she found out wood highfiring techniques and that was the aim to start regular ten years long studies of traditional ceramic highfiring techniques in most outstanding workshops of Japan in Tanba, Shigaraki, Echizen, Tokoname, Seto, Thajimi, Kutani, Hagi, Mino, Bizen as well as other places in Korea, Dominica Republic, Mexico, Guatemala. In 2010 Beatričė Kelerienė cofounded traditional ceramic studio in Misato town, Shimane prefecture, Japan. During the same period spending half time in Europe she did the parallel studies and research of ancient traditional ceramics of Lithuania.

Beatričė Kelerienė traditional ceramic works were constantly awarded and granted in most outstanding Worlds ceramic exhibitions and competitions Toki 2014 and Tanabe Museum 2013 in Japan, Personal Grant of Kyoto Governor in Kyoto National Museum in 2014; Special Award in International Ceramics Festival MINO, Japan.

In 2014 Beatričė Kelerienė founded the Traditional Ceramic and Wood Highfiring Centre „Karmazinu Keramika“ in Vilnius, Lithuania with installed wood highighfiring kiln Karmazinu Anagama and necessary infrastructure for further research, developing and educating of traditional ceramic technologies, techniques and shapes.