December 8, 2021 – January 8, 2022

at Ceramic Art Pavilion (Respublikos st. 3)

The Universe of the little king is boundless. Even if planets, cosmic bodies, plants or inhabitants do not yet have a glass body, they exist in the imagination of the creator. This time, the King of Glass discloses the edge of the cosmic veil by inviting the spectator to glimpse into the parallel world of your imagination and creative powers. One of the many gaps in his inexhaustible and immeasurable glass universe. Meteors and meteorites fly here, swirls spin, the strangest plants grow and even to the surprise of the locals – baobabs are sprouting…

REMIGIJUS KRIUKAS is a person with hot glass in his veins.  The artist is famous in not only Lithuania, but also all over the world. Since 1985, he is an active participant in Lithuanian and international art events and has organized over forty personal exhibitions. For more than three decades, the artist has been very much interested in glass materials, especially hot glass processing technologies. Important works in R. Kriukas creative biography are born by the methods of free hot glass formation and moulding. Plastic sculptures play with emotions and embody personal experiences.

The artist manipulates abstract forms in a masterful way and by giving them unexpected names that evoke associative images, allows the viewer’s imagination to unfold. R. Kriukas constantly looks for new forms of expression of his ideas, improving his skills with traditional and personal technologies, as well as experimenting.  For those who are familiar with such creative principles, it is obvious that the dimensions of works often exceed the human limits. The creator has a unique style. He is recognized and appreciated by amateurs and professionals in the world of glass art due to his unique personal design. R. Kriukas is one of the most important and creative personalities, whose works write the history of Lithuanian glass art in a profound manner.

Even the pandemic that has hit the world cannot stop the creative trends of Remigijus Kriukas. The artist remains active in both creative and exhibition activities. Among the interchanging expositions in winter Lithuania or another European country, R. Kriukas glass „Desert Flowers” is currently blooming in Dubai – in the Lithuanian pavilion „Expo 2020”.

Dr. Indrė Stulgaitė-Kriukienė