November 10 – December 18, 2021

Exhibited at Ceramic Art Pavilion (Respublikos st. 3)

The Department of Ceramics of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of its foundation, presents the exhibition “9 Decades of Ceramics”.

The exhibition and accompanying events reveal the development of ceramics in the field of contemporary art. From the vessel to the installation and the performance, clay as a material is used by many artists. Exhibition aims to present the creative possibilities of ceramics by retrospectively reviewing them in the exhibition, through the history of contemporary ceramics, closely related to studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, its existence at different historical stages: the establishment of a ceramics studio at Kaunas School of Art, restrictions of the expression of artists in the post-war years of the USSR, the art of thaw and perestroika in the late Soviet era and 30 years of ceramics in independent Lithuania. The exhibition presents former and current students and professors of the Department of Ceramics at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Most of the exhibited former students of the Department of Ceramics are actively shaping the face of contemporary ceramics by participating in Lithuanian and foreign art and design exhibitions. The exhibition seeks to unite authors who create contemporary ceramics by presenting them in a program of live events. The exhibition will be accompanied by open workshop on December 9.

List of participants: Arvydas Ališanka,  Rimgailė Dručiūnaitė,  Ona Grigaitė,  Greta Jančytė, Saulius Jankauskas,  Rokas Janušonis,  Robertas Reketis, Agnė Šemberaitė, Martynas Margevičius.

Project is sponsored by Lithuanian Council of Culture.