Kristian Saks (Estonia) photography exhibition „Sun in a Tin“

Kristian Saks (b. 1976) is an Estonian photographer and translator. His photographic endeavours are mainly focused on analogue photography including its rare variant solargraphy, where exposure times are measured in weeks and months. The genre revolves around the sun and over the course of the exposure, the photosensitive paper records the scenery in front of [...]

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Exposition of Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposiums Collection

January 2 – December 22, 2018 The ceramic artworks displayed in the second floor of Ceramic Art Pavilion was produced during the Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposiums and constitutes only a small part of works created by 163 artists from 35 countries. The international “laboratory” of ceramics has been organized since 1989 and produced 631 pieces [...]

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Exhibition of XXII Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposium

26 July, 2019 – October 31 Exhibited at Ceramic Art Pavilion Authors: Zina Blyzniuk (Ukraine), Rosana Tagliari Bortolin (Brazil), Srinia Chowdhury (India), Rasa Justaitė-Gecevičienė (Lithuania), Nizam Orçun Önal (Turkey) Siraj Saxena (India), Byongchan Seo (South Korea) “The artist’s profession usually looks very individualistic. However, there is a special relationship between the ceramicists. Maybe that’s why [...]

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KERAMIADA. Three Decades of Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposium

2019 – anniversary year of Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposium. Just three decades ago, in 1989, on the initiative of young students and graduates of Vilnius Art Institute (VDI, now – Vilnius Academy of Arts), the first symposium was organized with the participation of 16 artists of various branches of art. The first international ceramics event [...]

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