2018 08 08 – 08 30

To celebrate the Centennial of the restored Lithuania, Lithuanian state archives present exhibition “Lithuania’s centennial pages”. Hundred most important events, captured in archival documents, photographs and notes, that tell the story, how we lived, what we experienced, what we achieved and what we lost. This exhibition – is installation of lights, bright colors and the voice of Lithuanian radio show host from the beginning of XX c.

Exhibition “Lithuania’s centennial pages” invites to discover unique documents preserved in Lithuanian state archives and perceive our historical documentary heritage.


The exhibition is partly funded by Lithuanian council for culture

Partners of the exhibition:

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian National Radio and Television

The National Olympic Commitee of Lithuania

Money Museum of Bank of Lithuania

Photoartists Valerijus Koreškovas and Vytautas Suslavičius

Photographer Alfredas Pliadis

Project “Misija Sibiras”